Cheers to new beginnings!

First off.. holy moly. This is real life.. We are doing this! How have we gotten this far?! Who is letting us open a business, in the coolest neighborhood, in the best city?? Like, what?!

We are so super grateful for all of the support we are getting from all of our guests/friends/family in launching this salon. It has truly taken a village; and we are so incredibly humbled by the helping hands that have been available every time we trip, try, cry, or freeze all together. This salon is literally our collaborative soul child between the three of us. We have come together, in our late twenties and have been researching what will be the best for us and our guests on a day to day basis.

The word Meraki says it all. It's an ancient Greek word that we found while researching what would be the best name for our baby based on what vibe and tone we wanted to set. The word translates to; "the soul, creativity or love that is put into something, the essence of yourself that is put into your work".. And that is what we wish to portray not only for our guests, but for our team. We know that it starts with a happily thriving team, and we want Meraki Room to be a place that we can grow together as fulfilled, creative, spiritual beings; as well as be the best, most educated, confident stylists we can be by constantly working to master our craft over and over again through education and collaborations locally and beyond.

So welcome to the beginning of Meraki Room Chicago. We are all so excited for everyone to be a part of this journey.. We can't wait to see what comes of it all 

Diana, Dani & Taya <3

Diana Monteleone